Israel, Church Contrasts

Opening summary and insights

There have been different movements to make Israel and the church to be the same, to say that Israel has been discarded and has no more place in God's plan, to make the church to conform to all the laws of Israel, and several other variations.

The purpose of this directory is to point out that Israel still has a place in God's plan. The Law of Moses still is important and functional but that it is different from the Law of Christ. The church is different from Israel and has a distinct place in the plan of God. The time of the church is distinct. The age of the church may be described as a parenthesis within the long term plan of God for Israel. The purpose of the church is to make Israel jealous to return to faith and cease its ways of living according to fleshly and worldly ways and apart from Scriptural imperatives. The church is Gods agent during this period of time for stated reasons as presented by Scriptures.

The purpose of this directory is to define the church, to show the purpose of the church, to contrast the differences of the church from the laws of Moses, to explain how the promise and the law of the Lord Jesus Christ is better and why it should be followed in this time. It is also to show that justification (how to obtain righteousness, holiness, and a pure life) is obtainable be faith both now and in all ages. Justification is not attainable by the works of the law.

The "Links" on the side will be used to develop doctrinal positions and rational in no particular order.


* All translations are referenced to the KJV because other English version usually reference other Greek or varient but supposed original texts. Sometimes these differences, while they appear to be synonyms, do make a difference in planned conduct and teaching. Some presenters use these differences to (in my opinion) justify their opinion and intended conduct. Keeping all references to the KJV and its source texts tends to provide an absolute point of reference and prevents opinionated juggling.



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