The Foundations of a Christian Library

A Christian library is based upon the study and interpretation of the Bible. It should include the books which draw out the literal interpretation of the Bible, the fundamental truths taught by the Bible, and the ability to search the Bible so as to make proper application of these truths to every day life. The reverse should also be applicable. The student should be able to see a need or circumstance out of every day live and be able to study the Bible to determine the definative mind of God with respect to making proper decisions and applying God approved life actions with respect to such need or circumstance.

The foundation of the whole library is the Bible. Because of the profusion of versions which are based upon variant manipulations of source texts, it is necessary to do effective and repeatable study from a source which has stood the test of time with respect to research and acceptability. For this reason and in the context of this document, the Bible is understood to be the King James Version and the texts from which it came.

The books listed in this document will be based upon a literal interpretation of the Bible. The theological position of this document is fundamental, historical, literal, dispensational, pre-tribulation rapture. Annotations will sometimes be made which note variations from this position.

The Holy Bible

Basic reference Books

Language Study Aids

Theology Books

Commentary Books


Some say that the Bible is too hard to understand

This web site is pointed to Collegate people. It is presumed that their education level is above the 3rd or 4th grade. As in every other discipline, there is a vocabulary which is unique to the subject. In nursing, law, medicine, science, history, languages, Mathematics, communications, and all. There are specific words which may not be common to other aspects of life. In Biblical studies there are only 50 - 75 words that may be unique to this discipline. One should not think this to be unusual. It is far fewer than that of other disciplines, yet some how people fight this. Yet they somehow think it normal for the need to memorize large lists of vocabulary in all other areas of knowledge. Why?

Anyone with a normal dictionary and a Bible dictionary should be able to understand almost anything they encounter. It really is not diffucult.