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These definitions come from the Funk & Wagnal Dictionary 1895 Edition.


  1. Of or pertaining to the practices, conduct, and spirit of man toward God, themselves, and their fellow man, with reference to right and wrong and to obligation to duty: pertaining to rightness and oughtness in conduct;
  2. conformed to right conduct;
    acting in accordance with right;
    specifically conducting oneself or conducted with propriety in sexual relations;
    as, a moral man;
    a moral life;
  3. Subject to the law of morality that enjoins right conduct;
    capable of understanding the difference between right and wrong;
    as a moral agent.
  4. Acting or suited to act through man's sense of right, or more loosely, through the intellect or emotions, or rational nature generally;
    often apposed to physical;
    as moral suassion;
    moral support.
  5. In logic,
    probable as apposed to demonstrative;
    as, moral proof;
    moral certainty.
  6. Ethics
    1. of or pertaining to the law of right or morality.
      [see moral laws under laws]
    2. of or pertaining to the science of man's responsible nature,
      the nature of right and obligation and the principles of right character and conduct;
      in a more religious sense, of or pertaining to man's relations and duty to God and through God toward man.
  7. Philos.
    1. In the philosophy of Hagel pertaining to private and social as distince from civil responsibilities.
    2. In the pre-Kantian philosophy, pertaining to the will or active powers, as distinguished from intellectual.
    3. In classical philosophy pertaining to custom or to individual conduct whether in matters of right and wrong or otherwise.
  8. [Rare] Moralizing;
    as a moral fool.
  9. [Archaic] Mental
  10. Allegorical;


  1. The doctrine or system
  2. The practice of
  3. the quality of
  4. The lesson inferred or inferable.