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These definitions come from the Funk & Wagnal Dictionary 1895 Edition.


  1. A particular moral excellence;
    as, the virtue of temperance, charity, or patience.
  2. The disposition to conform cordially to the requirements of the moral law, or laws of right, especially in its higher spheres;
    moral excellence;
    integrity of character;
    virtuousness: distinguished from mere morality as legality;
    as, virtue is still the essence of the highest manhood;
    virtue is the only source of noble life;
    compare ethics; duty; right; moral.
  3. Cordial conformity of an act or of conduct to the moral law;
    the practice of moral duties and the abstaining from immorality in general, especially from vice;
    as, a life devoted to virtue.
  4. sexual purity;
    especially the chastity of women;
    as, her virtue is irreproachable.
  5. that quality of things or bodies by which they act or produce effects;
    inherent power;
    as, the magnet has lost its virtue;
    a medicine of the great virtue.
  6. any admirable quality, merit, excellence, or accomplishment.
  7. courage, bravery, valor.
  8. [latin] vir or virtus = man.

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