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Christianity has become the unwanted stepchild in American society. Forms of Atheism have stepped into the light as favorite sons. Our culture is making a major mistake. The following propositions they choose to deny: Truth, right, morality, justice, freedom, spirituality, life, etc. At the same time they do not understand issues such as death, logic and reason, history, the scientific method, etc. Yea, all the disciplines of learning and culture come directly from the Creator God, the I AM, the eternal one, the author of the Bible.

What used to be understood as traditional Christianity has been significantly degraded and redefined by scholars, educators, and theologians with new agendas. Since 1800, those who might be identified as Progressives, Naturalists, Atheists, Humanists, and Evolutionists have infiltrated many segments of life. They were less than satisfied with Biblical historical presentations. It is not that such Biblical historical presentations were wrong or deceptive. Such Biblical historical presentations were perceived as preventing them from enjoying their anti-God purposes. In the Bible their world views and forms of life style are disapproved to them by their Creator. Traditional, normal, historical interpretations of the Bible lead to conclusions that mankind is accountable to the living, infinite, omnipotent Creator. This is self-evident truth which they choose to ignore and on occasions strongly reject.

These two basic world views are sharply at odds with each other. Some publications are describing these as cultural wars. Into the 1960's, 70's, and early 1980's the American opponents of Christianity effected a revolution against creationist viewpoints in the name of academic freedom. Since that time, they continue such academic freedom mantras. But in reality these same proponents have used much propaganda and squelched true freedom of discussion using the power of governmental law and the manipulation of the courts. The affect of this is evident in elementary schools, secondary schools, colleges, research institutions, industry and commerce. It is even evidenced by the drumming out of professorial, scientific, and medical professionals. Damage has also been extended to prospective graduates on college and university campuses, in education in general, in industry and even to such as nurses, aids, secretaries and sales clerks. A documentary film about this problem entitled "Expelled" lays forth a frank discussion of this problem. Such conduct is intellectually and ethically irreprehensible. They do not propose academic freedom but the tyranny of close or closed thought control.

College students, staff on today's campuses, radio and television programming, that which is in print, and members of our churches seem ignorant of the strong arguments which support Biblical viewpoints. Far too many seem not to appear to apprehend what is the purpose, relationship, and business of the local church. But from evidence of all of the tirades made by the ungodly, it is clear that they understand their own purposes. "Christians" fail to read the Bible and plainly understand its meaning in the same straight forward manner as they might read and understand their newspapers and textbooks. For those who choose to be ignorant, it is understandable that they will fall prey to the false cluckings of those who appose truth. By clicking on "college orientation for Christian students" you may begin to prepare for your qualitative response to secular pressures. The principles presented are applicable across many disciplines.

It is the purpose of this campus pastor's web site to bring clarity to these foundational issues. We need to present as clearly as possible the consequences that will come to those who appose themselves and their own well being.

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