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Making Spiritual Preparations for the Fall College Semester

Making Spiritual Preparations for the Fall College Semester

It won’t be what you expect.

While you were in High School or even in your local community college but living at home, you lived in a protected spiritual environment. Being at home, you had a support group who encouraged you in your beliefs.

Loss of your support group

When you come to a college where you will be living in a totally strange community, your support group is now gone. You will be able to develop such a support group only with great difficulty. Some never enjoy that same degree of  luxury the rest of their lives.

Core Belief Foundations

Now you will have to depend upon your core beliefs. Hopefully you have already established them. You should have gotten them firmly in place by the time you were 12 or 13.  Then the teen years should have been the time to apply these beliefs to the challenges of life. You have to know that your faith system is unshakably secure.

It Can’t Be your Parents Beliefs

Your belief system must be made up of those things worthy to die for. These are things which you will not compromise no matter what it costs. If your room mate suggests things which go against your core beliefs, you will not budge. Right is right and wrong is wrong. You know what you believe and you know why. You know that real truth can never be compromised. You know your belief system comes from God your Creator and He never changes. He is the source of all knowledge, understanding, and wisdom. He who contradicts God is acting foolishly. And you do not want to walk the walk of a fool.

Your Beliefs WILL be Challenged

From the minute you walk onto your new campus, your beliefs will be attacked. They will be attacked subtly and sometimes openly. They will be attack beginning your first day of college orientation. It is likely psychologists will tell you that all beliefs you came to college with are childish things. College is the place to put away childish things. They may say that it is a time to grow up and think for yourself. They will tell you that you will set aside many of your superstitions. You will rework and reestablish belief systems and become and adult. They will do everything in their resources to take away from you your belief system and substitute it with their belief system. If you do not KNOW that your beliefs are right, you will be shaken to the very core of your foundation.