Put them in mind . . . [6] To Be Gentle,..


Put them in mind . . . [6] to be gentle, . . unto all men”¬† –¬† Titus 3:1, 2

A gentle manner or character is becoming a unheard characteristic of in this new millennium.

Being gentle is the opposite of brashness and war like manners. It displays what some might think to be apparent weakness (It is as a copy machine produces a faint copy as though it were almost out of ink,. It is not impudent.] although one who practices this mannerism must be strong in purpose to not wither in the presence of one who would be so rude. This is a characteristic  which is to be practiced in ministering to others. The faint hearted receiver of such ministration will not be fearful to have a gentle person minister to him. And so others would likewise be pleased with his kindly attention.