Objectives of this website

This web site is published by Stephen Haasch. He has worked among many people of various professions, skills, and social levels. Stephen is drawing from decades of experience and scores of hours of weekly studies. These studies include detailed searches of the Holy Bible, the internet, interactions and questionings of very involved peoples of many disciplines. He wishes to continue returning to the public benefit the fruits of his labors.

A significant current life objective is to call people back to “knowledge.” The objective must be further extended to call for people to make effective use of “the information age” through the instrument of knowledge. We must learn to use knowledge again. If we don’t, we will enter a new age of darkness.

The concept of knowledge is being precipitously lost. With it is being lost understanding and wisdom. Reason and logic cannot operate outside of knowledge. Ethics or its loss is the consequence of their use or abuse.

The scientific method has no worth unless knowledge, understanding and wisdom are applied to it. What good is information if you cannot correctly assess its value and then act upon it correctly.

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