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Whose Mouths must be stopped


gainsayers . . . “whose mouths must be stopped, . .”  – Titus 1:11

When error is being taught among gathered believers, it is necessary to silence such people. Continual contradiction interrupts the learning process of new believers who need to be learning to separate from the sorrowful ways of the worldly. Spirituality isn’t gained by works of the flesh. Good works are a result of spirituality. The sense of the word “stopped” is to put something over their mouths. Their speaking needs to come to an end. Such offensive speaking is not profitable to anyone.

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Set in Order


“…that thou shouldest set in order the things that are wanting,..”
– Titus 1:5

In any locality when there is a possible gathering of God’s elect, there needs to be an organizing for their spiritual welfare. Believers in that place are to become as a body representing the person of Christ. This body needs a head, signifying the importance of leadership and coordination for growth, consistency and protection. This leadership needs to be qualified by certain characteristics.

It is difficult to conceive a reasonable body by seeing a head rolling around a room here, a hand flopping over there, a leg quivering by the chair,  a knee bending by the table, and a foot stomping near the door. A proper body has a connectedness.  The leadership comes from the head and then by the spine. Everything works together in a coordinated fashion. What we see to be normal in life regarding the created physical body is reasonable to presume and observe in the body of Christ.

Anything lacking among believers should be set in order in every city. So in Crete, Paul appointed Titus to go about this task. Paul was in Crete for a short time. Believers were called out, but the work of securing the believers had not been accomplished.

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Whatsoever is lovely!

“Whatsoever is lovely” Men sometimes don’t think in these terms. These are qualities which may invite affection or personal attachment as a matter of sentiment or feeling. There are actions and conduct which inspire such thoughts and lead to responses. We as believers need to think through how we act and what we do so that we inspire such reactions. Think on these things. Phillippians 4:9