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Young Men a Pattern in Doctrine – Shewing Gravity

Young Men with gravity

 Young men likewise exhort to be sober minded.
Tit 2:7  In all things shewing thyself a pattern of good works: in doctrine shewing uncorruptness, gravity

The following should be the expectation of young men.

Gravity:  venerableness, that is probity. Honorable. That which is what one might revere, that is adore.

How does one respond to the Word of God? Does he count it something to venerate? Does he have reverence for it? Does he understand that it is deserving honor and respect? Does he understand that the creation of God and his ways are worthy of consecrating one’s ways to do? How does he show honor to God’s institutions. . . His wife and family (including his parents), the institution of rightful government, and the church?

1 Timothy 2:2 and Philippians 4:18 compares it to demonstration or exercise of honesty. Gravity is also how he is to keep his children in subjection in 1 Timothy 3:4. 1 Timothy 3:8 makes this a qualification to be a deacon. 1 Timothy 3:11 applies the character to women.

This speaks to tried virtue or integrity, or actions approved by God. As to conduct it includes in general strict honesty; sincerity; veracity; integrity in principle, or strict conformity of actions to the laws of justice.
–  Webster

It applies to the mind and to the conduct, particularly in adhering to strict integrity in the observance and performance of rights called imperfect, which public laws to not reach and cannot enforce.
–  Barnes Notes

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Honesty is the foundation for marriage, business, salesmanship, friendship, finance, law, scientific inquery, government, medicine, education, etc. You need to think about your determination to uphold honesty. People depend on you to be completely honest. (Philippians 4:8)

As a Christian college student, Declare Your Moral Position Right Off.

You are a Christian. You are different from all other people. Your testimony as a Christian for the next four years will rise or fall based upon how you declare yourself during your first weeks at college. If you want your faith to be respected, don’t compromise now and expect others to accept your beliefs later.
Declare your priority of conviction to church attendance right off. Declare it to be highly offensive that others should consider anything else to be of higher priority. This means you should object to classes or study groups being set for Sundays. They think nothing of yielding to Judaism or Islam. To disrespect Christian Biblical imperatives and custom should be expressed as being of highest offense to you. This disrespect violates principles of diversity which all colleges claim to have as a philosophical priority.
Declare your conviction and priority to Genesis 2:21-25, that marriage of a man and a woman is the only acceptable context for sexual activity. Outside of the covenant of marriage for life, there is to be no participation. Declare that you are a child of God and purpose to be obedient to God in all chastity of the body and of the mind. Efforts that are made by any to cause you to be otherwise is to act in a manner of highest offense.
Declare yourself to be fully honest and truthful. This is not a common characteristic among college students. Declare that cheating is dishonest, unlawful and wrong. Do not participate in it nor consider doing it.
On occasion you will be faced with strong temptation to do wrongfully. Remember, your world view and that in contrast to all the rest of the students, you will stick to the Christian world view. To do otherwise is total contradiction to all that is right. We are here to bring glory to God first. You are there to also learn as much as you can. You understand that the world believes that without the perfect grades, they have no hope of achieving success. We who are Christians understand that success is glorifying God. We know that God actively goes before us and prepares the way we should go. We may not get the top job, but we are always ministers of Christ wherever He put us. That is our vocation. To this we will be satisfied. We refuse to compromise bad for good, wrong for right, falsehood for truth. We serve a living, personal God.

Campus Pastor Steve Haasch
Steve writes to prepare college students with Christian college orientation in a secular environment. Students need to declare and practice their Christian moral convictions from the very beginning.