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The Fundamentals are Essential!


Every discipline has fundamentals or essentials! Whether it is football, medicine, teaching English or any language, computer science, personal relations, skills of welding, dress making, music, playing an instrument, piano tuning, education, law, justice, or Christianity, every discipline has its fundamentals.

The further one departs from the fundamentals, the greater risk one has of causing damage, injury, chaos, and loss. The object of a good education is to instill a respect and knowledge of the fundamentals. The fundamentals of math includes the learning of the number system, especially adding, subtracting, multiplication, and division. Then one learns the fundamentals of logic and its rules. By building upon these fundamentals, one learns and is able to apply the language of science. From this he is able to make discoveries which enhance the well being of man. These principles of fundamentals enable one to learn the plan and will of his God and to establish and enhance a relationship with Him. Without the fundamentals, learning in these areas will stop and it leads to loss and ruin.

A fundamentalist will base all of his actions upon the fundamentals and then branch out from these to make discoveries. The branching out should never leave the principles of the fundamentals. If it does, one will fail to perceive and understand their failures and errors. The error of human culture is to ignore the fundamentals in the name of progressive-ism. They claim that they are progressive in thought by ignoring some or all of the fundamentals. Discernment is necessary to know the difference between fundamentals and “progressive” departures. Some throw off the rules of God and call it good. This appears to be the foundation of a group called “unfundamentalism”. They throw out the logic of God and claim to be logical,  modern, and intellectual. There is no advancement by overthrowing fundamentalist principles. There is only loss and eventual suffering.

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Summer, a time of vulnerability.

When times of change come, a person becomes most spiritually vulnerable.

Now that the study time of formal classes have come to an end, one needs to use this time to evaluate the year now past. This article is aimed particularly at the student who says, “I am a Christian.”

You have completed a series of courses in your college. You need to study the Bible and make comparisons. Did what I learn agree with or disagree with teachings of the Bible? If the Bible is the Word of God, and there is no other document which makes this authoritative claim like the Bible does, then the Bible is without error. If there are conflicts of contradiction between the Bible and your course material, you need to determine what these contradictions are. What is the scope of the contradicting material? Why is the course material in contradiction in subject matter? Is it really a contradiction? What will your response to all of this be?

Once you determine the issues at hand, consider that logic does not allow for contradiction nor allow for both to be true. God being not only the God of truth, He as Creator of all defines truth through his character and being. Therefore, if your course material is in conflict with the Word of God, then the course material in any particular instance of contradiction is in error.

It is important to discern this error. Your world view, and your practical working out of a life plan depend on your knowing the truth. If you do not know and understand both the truth and understand why it is truth, you will make devastating wrong judgments, missteps, and hurtful acts. Wrong is wrong and wrong committed will injure others in various ways and according to incremental degrees. You do not want to be accountable.

Therefore, take this summer break from studies to systematically study the Bible so you will be able to discern the differences. You need to be able to discern the reasons for the differences. Understanding is to take observations and to order them Biblically and logically. Wisdom provides that you then conduct yourself according to God approved conduct.

Your choice is at hand. Fail to make the right decisions now, and pay the consequences through subsequent failures and chastisements received at the hand of the living God in real time. Read Proverbs chapters 1-3.

Knowledge – its source is important.

As a student, are you keeping perspective? The university is not the source of knowledge. Its only capacity is to help you to search for knowledge and interact with it. But beware, knowledge is perverted when it is wrenched away from the recognition and context of its source. Proverbs 1:7.

As this happens, the student MUST return it to its proper context or suffer the consequences. You must go there already understanding the rules of the search and interaction process in principle or you will not recognize the twisted perspectives that will come from atheistically oriented professors and curriculum.

When one forsakes the God of knowledge, it is common that logic and reason are thrown out. Applications are improperly applied. Perspective is twisted. Truth is forsaken. Understanding is missed. Corruption becomes evident. Pains and sorrows of evil overcome those who follow after this form of life. It may also over wash the lives of others with collateral damage. Do you want to be responsible for this?