Webster's Definition for "build"



BILD, v.t. bild; pret.built; pp. built, pronounced bilt. The regular pret. and pp. builded, is sometimes used.

1. To frame, construct, and raise, as an edifice or fabric of almost any kind, as a house, barn, shop, ship or vessel, a wall, or other structure of art; to unite materials into a regular structure for use or convenience.

2. To raise by art; to frame or shape into a particular form; as, to build up a head dress in a cone.

3. To raise any thing on a support or foundation; as, to build our hopes on air.

4. In scripture, to increase and strengthen; to cement and knit together; to settle or establish and preserve. Acts 20:32. Eph 2:22. i Sam. 2.35.

BUILD, v.i. bild. To exercise the art, or practice the business of building.

To build, to plant, whatever you intend.

1. To construct, rest or depend on as a foundation; as, to build on the opinions of others.