Note: This is off site study information for those who wish to work independently. These correspondence tutorials may also be process through the Campus Pastor by special arrangement.

Correspondence Bible Studies

Source of Light Ministries International

SLM Course Enrollment

The New Life in Christ

French (FNL 1) 12 flat lessons in six 16-page booklets
French (FNL 2) 12 flat lessons in six 16-page booklets
French (FNL 3) 12 flat lessons in six 16-page booklets
Portuguese (PNL 2) 10 lessons in five 32-page booklets
Portuguese (PNL 3) 24 lessons in twelve 32-page booklets

Practical Christian Living (PCL)

For adults, this course teaches practical Christian living. Dealing with assurance, inferiority, conscience, authority, chastening, bitterness, etc., it has contributed to the spiritual growth of many people.

French (FPCL) 24 flat lessons in twelve 16-page booklets
Romanian (RoPCL) 24 lessons in eight 32-page booklets
Spanish (SPPCL) 24 lessons in twelve 32-page booklets

God's Great Salvation (GGS)

These lessons express the depth of our salvation in Christ. This is an excellent course for older Christians.

English - 16 lessons in 8 booklets
Chinese CSNL-5 (GGS) Simplified script. 16 lessons in one 241-page book

Love, Dating, & Marriage (LDM)
Ideal for teens, this course discusses love, sex, dating, and marriage candidly, but not offensively. LDM tells how to apply scriptural principles to dating. Every teen needs to study these 12 lessons.

Basic Bible Truths (BBT)
Great truths of the Bible such as repentance, faith, regeneration, adoption, and sanctification are taught. This course is great for adults who are serious about their Bible study.

Fishers of Men (SW)
A Christian's love for others will compel him to want to win souls for Christ. This course tells how to explain the Gospel and lead people to Christ. This is a great course for older teens and adults.

The Holy Spirit's Ministry (SUP 1)
This single-lesson course explains the ministry of the Holy Spirit today.

The Spirit World (SUP 2)
8 lessons teach about angels, Satan, demons, witchcraft, and other aspects of the spirit world. Written to meet the needs of Christians in certain parts of the world, the truths in this course have become important over all the world.




Personalized Studies

For students, faculty and staff on campuses in Pittsburgh - especially the campuses of the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University, Campus Pastor Steve Haasch will consider enrolling inquiring persons for specific personal tutorial studies and small group courses of scriptural study which may be appropriate to specific personal needs.

He may be contacted by phone 724-548-4921