The Priorities of a Christian's Life

This page presumes that your are saved from your sin.

Summary: This article presumes that you desire to have a close relationship/fellowship with God. It secondly presumes that you attend regularly a local church and want to prosper in this enterprise. Thirdly it presumes that you would have a natural desire to share with others the great benefits that you enjoy.

You develop a close personal relationship with God. (Upreach)

Through surrender of your will and life to anything you learn would please God and honor and glorify him.

Through dedication of a portion of each day to devotional reading of the scriptures and serious study of the scriptures so that you may get to know the will of God for your personal life.

Many Scriptures enable you to begin to appreciate and deeply draw close to your Creator. A few might include the Gospel of John. Then James 1, Ephesians 1-2, Romans 1-6

By learning to pray.

By developing an appreciation of God whereby you have a thankful spirit and a praising attitude.

You develop close personal relationships in the local church. (Inreach)

You would learn how the love of God enables you to love your brothers and Sisters in Christ and merges you into a specific family relationship in a specific local church.

Ephesians 2 explains the mystery of the church and its purpose.

You would learn about particularly Christian character traits and begin to develop and practice their use. 1 Peter 2-5, Galatians 5:22-26 and Philippians 4, Colossians 3-4, Ephesians 4-5-6, Romans 12-16, 1 Timothy 4-5-6, and many other passages.

You would begin to practice specific acts of loving kindness, above and beyond the call of duty on some occasions. You would learn to bless people who may not be appreciative or grateful.

As you recognize that you are gaining proficiency, you would share with others the blessings you recognize and are blessed with. You would do so in such a way as to bring glory to God and Him alone. James 1:22-27

You would learn recognize ways to help or teach others and encourage them in their Christian walk, to grow thereby.

Later on, you might work to disciple new believers as they would be available for such growth.

You develop a personal relationship with those who do not know the joys that you know in your salvation experience. (Outreach)

You begin to consider reaching out to those outside of the Christian experience and outside of the church who are missing the blessings you enjoy. You work to persuade them to come into a personal saving relationship with Christ too.

This might include being helpers of others who already are reaching out.

This includes being personally friendly.

  • Be friendly with them casually. Speak greetings to them whenever you see them.
  • Invite them to your home or room.
  • Include them in coffee times and snack times.
  • Share your meal time with them in your home or in an eating establishment.
    Extend to them "acts of kindness."
  • Compliment them when they do well. Tend to reserve admonitions and rebukes until you get to know them better.
  • When they are involved in projects which require help, help them if you are able.
  • Provide transportations or food to them when they are ill, injured, or in special need.
  • Visit them in the hospital.
  • Share stories and snippits of information about your past and present.
  • Share your personal struggles and how you deal with these struggles spiritually.
  • Frequently share praises - things for which you are thankful, (Have you made a list recently?)
    • such as occasions of answered prayer,
    • when you complete projects and how they turn out,
    • personal struggles which have turned to blessings,
    • things which you learned in church, you tried doing them and found blessing,
    • how other believers have been blessed,
    • how other believers have been kind to you,
    • benefits of Bible study,
    • insights gained from personal devotions,
    • blessings of being a part of your church family,
    • how your pastor blesses you and others.

This might include paying for and publishing literature for distribution, or newspaper advertisements or the use of other public media.

You might spend time distributing literature door to door and speaking with those the Lord puts in your way. You could tell them about their soul's need and give testimony of the joys of your personal fellowship with God and his answered prayers.

You would ask God to show you how that you may use your talents skills and means to further the Gospel's spread most advantageously.

A scriptural basis for this page may be found in 1 Thessalonians 1