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Opening Comments:

"Love" has been a term used in religious and secular circles for a number of years. People have tried to make it the core concept of Christianity in error. It is a concept which is dependent upon other truths. The secularists try to use the concept to justify all kinds of actions and activities wherein real love does not necessarily justify their conduct. In some cases, bad conduct and immoral conduct is promoted in the name of love . . . which really are not acts of love but acts of hatred.

Just as in the realms of weights and measures, there must be an unchangeable standard of measure by which one may distinguish the difference between that which is true and that which is fraudulent. With the the measure of time, we must have a bureau of standards so that science, industry, commerce, and government may be able to properly function. In some cases, the slightest margin of error can be catastrophic.

For some reason, it has been taught that in the social sciences, the absolute of concepts do not apply here. It is held that there is an open option for relativism. To hold to such an option is to deny language and it's structure. Definitions are held to be only important in science and maybe law. When it comes to human relationships, they seem to hold that everything is circumstantial. The primary reason for this would have to be the overthrow of the knowledge and work of God their Creator. The same God who made, defined, and holds accountable all the actions of men. This same God is not unknowable. He clearly lays out His will in the same Bible which He inspired and preserved through all of time.

The following links are purposed to search out some of that which God has given to us from His Word over the ages of man. The intent is to reiterate the definitions given and the context and applications as presented. Commentary may be included, although such commentary is only useful as it remains true to the text and context of Scriptures.


 Love is a dependent upon other truths.

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