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Admin Conference 2023

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Admin Conference 2023

Hosted by: Visioneering Studios
Hosted at: Southeast Christian Church
Dates: May 9-11, 2023

Campus Pastors, give your hardworking admins the appreciation they deserve and send them to the 2023 Admin Conference, while keeping an eye out for next year’s event. Have you thanked your administrative assistant today? That amazing person who keeps your life organized, deals with difficult people, and filters your email like a pro? Let’s face it, without them, you’d be lost in a sea of paperwork and unanswered emails.

So why not show them some love and send them to the 2023 Admin Conference? They’ll hear from Jeremy Burrows, Ashley Weece, Kyle Idelman, and a bunch of other talented folks who can help them up their game and feel like the superstar they truly are. Plus, they’ll get to network with other admins and bask in the glory of being appreciated for all their hard work.

Don’t wait – sign them up today and watch the magic happen. Trust us, your admin will thank you (and maybe even bring you back a cool souvenir).

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Have them join us this year as we gather for a time of learning, community, and growth to power you through this next year. We can’t wait to see you at this years Admin Conference.