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Multi Faceted: a Campus Pastors Perspective

Multi-Faceted: A Campus Pastor’s Perspective

A Campus Pastor’s Perspective — “When I worked as a CP, I saw my role as a three-legged stool made up of managing a team, shepherding a congregation, and loving the community where our campus was located,” says Kayra Montanez. We sat down with Kayra to learn more about her view on the critical role of the campus pastor. See what rings true for you at your campus. Kayra Montanez is currently pastor of campuses for all of Liquid Church, a seven-strong multisite out of Parsippany, New Jersey.

Where in New Jersey are you located, and what are the special challenges or needs of the community there that you’re ministering to?

Answer – We are located about an hour from NYC, which makes our congregation incredibly diverse and multi-ethnic. New Jersey is also very fast-paced because people work a lot, as life is very expensive. It can be transient too (moving in and out for work). And we also have some of the highest special needs population because our school districts are excellent. All of these things bring wonderful opportunities to share the gospel and meet our community’s felt-needs.

I think campus pastors should have an entrepreneurial spirit but also be great team players.

Describe your physical facilities and your digital presence at Liquid Church.

Answer – We have five permanent locations and two portable ones that meet in high schools. We are currently in the process of revamping our digital properties to include a new app, website and OTT products.

What are your major points of concern at Liquid Church, as a whole, leading deeper into 2023?

Answer – I think some of the pain points continue to be how to adapt our leadership in this new world, post-pandemic. Reimagining how to bring the gospel to people and continue to help people who live in the community—in a world that is increasingly volatile, chaotic and uncertain—continues to be a challenge, but also [brings incredible] opportunities.

What are some of the special joys of being a campus pastor today, as you see it from your experiences at Liquid Church?

Answer – Leading and managing a team can be incredibly rewarding, especially when you see people growing and developing. And then on the congregational level, getting a front row seat to life change … baptizing people, praying the prayer of salvation with them, dedicating babies, [and] leading outreaches in a community are all parts that can feel very life-giving.

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