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The Power of “One” in a Multisite Strategy

One person each day. That’s the approach of multisite One Church, with seven sites in New Hampshire and Vermont.

Just like putting one foot in front of the other, the next thing you know, you’ve made significant strides. And this is the case for One Church, according to Executive Pastor Jeremy Peterson, a campus pastor in Texas for five years before moving into his current role.

These days, Peterson splits the bulk of his time between One Church’s Bedford and Manchester locations in New Hampshire, and then makes it a point to visit a different site each week.

“I oversee operation for all our locations, which we call ‘Outposts,’” he shares.

Campus Pastor sat down with Peterson to learn more about his church’s singular perspective – and to thank him for his assistance in putting together 2024’s Campus Pastor Summit at Compass Church’s Roanoke campus in Texas on January 30-31, 2024.

What’s the mission of One Church, in terms of your mission statement and how you stand out from other Christian churches in your area?

We pray for one person each day to share God’s love with. We do this so we can reach the MOST people in the shortest time (

What are the overarching needs of the people in the communities you serve in New England, and how does One Church work to fill them?

There are so many rural communities; we are working to go to places other church planting organizations are unwilling to go. Many churches are dead or dying so we are trying to do all we can to be incarnational in these communities.

We also believe in tithing back into outreach – and the additional resources in these areas can make a huge difference in the lives of many.

What’s the toughest thing about keeping your campuses operating in sync in terms of the overall brand of One Church? And how do you ensure uniformity across the sites while still allowing each to have some autonomy?

Clarity and over-communication are key. We have a playbook we use to provide clarity on what happens at the Central level and what takes place at the Outpost level, so everyone has clarity.

All the pastors work on the message together, which is led by Bo Chancey, the senior pastor. We believe that in-person preaching is much more effective than video in this region.

How does your online campus work, and is it helping One Church expand its reach and message?

We spend a lot of time and resources investing in our online service. We believe it helps us reach the MOST people and gives people in the area an idea [of] what to expect in our services at an Outpost. The growth of online is beyond what we thought it could be.

We’re extremely grateful for your involvement with the Campus Pastor Summit at Compass Church Roanoke in January 2024. What drew you to us?

I love helping pastors in similar roles make connections that lead to collaboration … good content is great, but many seem to long for connections and community more than content, which is available everywhere.

What makes Campus Pastor Summit an important resource for today’s multisite church leaders, from your unique vantage point?

Instead of a large conference, the hope is to have a well curated event where community can be built. We want all campus pastors to walk away with a connection they can continue during the year.

What plans do you have for One Church and its ministry moving into 2024?

We currently run 4,700 and believe if everyone is praying for ‘one’ we can double every 3-4 years. That means launching more locations in places nobody else is going. We plan to do this by having more worship services in more places to reach the most people.

Where can readers watch what you’re up to at One Church?

Check out our weekly High 5. Instead of a bumper before the message, each week we celebrate five specific things God did the week before at one of our locations.

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